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Bikes available Include: Trance Advanced 1 2018, Anthem 29er 1 2018, Anthem Advanced Pro 29er 1 2018, Full E+ pro 2018, Reign Advanced 1 2018, TCR Advanced 0 disc 2018. SIZES Include Medium & Large, (ML Available in TCR model
TCR Advanced Pro 0 Disc_Color A_Carbon

Demo Conditions;

Pick up 9:00am and same day return is preferable but 10:00am next day is acceptable

The bike set up is also provided.

-We require a $300.00 credit card deposit per bike which is refunded upon demo return

The bike is to be returned in "same condition" as it went out to you.

A light spray clean is appreciated, we handle the rest.

If the bicycle is “submersed” we charge $50.00 bottom bracket and frame clean out fee.

NOTE; You are responsible to pay for any and all damage that may occur while the bike is under demo by you.

-For international customers, we require a valid passport scan and copy held.

-For local customers, we require a valid Driver’s Licence scan and copy held.

Please advise if you would like to make a formal booking and please confirm model and pedal preference.